Suction Cans / Pigging and Testing

AZ20 Tray Module

  • Product Number: DR-RSE-036-010
  • The AZ20 system is designed for the installation and blow out of suction piles. The system comprises four main components: An AnchorZip 20 suction pump; a non-invasive flow meter; a differential pressure transducer housed in a bottle; and a data acquisition bottle (to collect and record the data from the system)

    The systems is suitable for mounting in the centre-desk area of an ACV or on the rear of other work class vehicles within a "rear deck frame". The interface the suction pile is typically a project/Client supplied hot stab deployed by the manipulator.


    Pumping, Suction Pile interface, Construction, Decom

    • Hydraulically driven by close coupled hydraulic motor
    • Change between pump and suck mode without ROV recovery
    • Maximum theoretical flow rate 3500lpm
    • Nominal flow rate 500 lpm with 2" hot-stab (limiting factor)
    • Maximum pressure (blow mode) of +5 bar
    • Maximum theoretical pressure (suction mode) of -5 Bar

    Dimensions (Tray Module)

    690mm high x 739mm long x 653mm wide

    Weight (Tray Module)

    Air: 145kg

    Water: 100kg

    Weight (Rear Frame)

    Air: 570kg

    Water: 30kg

    Hydraulic Supply

    AnchorZip Supply: Variable up to 140lpm @ 190bar

    Suck/Blow Function: 5lpm @ 190bar

    PO Check Valve Pilot: 5lpm @ 190bar

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil

    Output Flow

    Range: 1000-3500lpm

    Nominal output flow: 2000lpm (unrestricted, 0.5bar pressure differential)

    Practical output flow: 500lpm (with limited factor of 2" hot stab)

    Output Pressure

    Maximum output pressure (blow): +5bar

    Theoretical maximum output pressure (suction): -5bar


    Tray mounted (ACV)

    Backpack mounted (other work class ROVs)

    Control & Monitoring

    Suction rate controlled topside by ROV hydraulic supply to motor

    Laptop computer provides data monitoring and logging facility

    Real time monitoring of differential pressure and pump flow rate

    Subsea data acquisition and flow-meter pods

    Ultrasonic flow-meter