Pumping, Dredging and Jetting Systems

Dynaset Hydraulic High Pressure Pump

  • Product Number: ITE-1028-DR-0011-00
  • The  hydraulic high pressure pump/jetter  is based around the Dynaset HPW pump which transforms hydraulic input power into pumping fluid flow and pressure. Patented construction of the pump is based on the hydraulic piston-piston pressure intensification principle and contains no rotating parts, producing greater reliability and efficiency.


    Jetting applications, fluid transfer, marine growth removal, pressue testing

    • 520 bar (7,540 psi) maximum water pressure
    • Pumped water or other fluid medium can be taken from a natural source, reservoir or low pressure supply
    • Can be coupled with an Intelligent Control System for greater control & flexibility
    • Skid, Back Pack and ROV mounted options are available

    Product Number



    Length 243mm (9.6")

    Width 150mm (5.9")

    Height 190mm (7.5")

    Weight 22 kg (48 lbs)

    Pressure Ratio

    Hydraulic / Water 2.62

    Water Power

    Flow 30 L/min (6.6 gpm)

    Pressure 520 bar (7,540 psi)

    Power 26kW

    Temperature 70°C (150°F)

    Suction Head 3m (9.8ft) max

    Water Feed Pressure 0.3 - 10 bar (4.3 - 145psi)

    Water Pistons Outer Diameter 30mm (1.2")

    Water Connections

    Pressure Output Line 6 Jic

    Suction/Feed Line 12 Jic

    Pressure Hose Recommendation - 3/8"

    Suction Hose Recommendation - 1"

    Water Filter

    80 Micron mesh

    Hydraulic Power Requirements

    Flow 85 L/min (22.4 gpm)

    Operating Pressure 190 bar (2,760 psi)

    Max Pressure 210 bar (3,050 psi)

    Idle Run Pressure 10 bar (145 psi)

    Return Line Pressure 210 bar max (3,050 psi)

    Hydraulic Fluid Requirements

    Viscosity 10-200/ optimal 25 - 35cSt

    Temperature 70°C (158°F) max

    Filter Ratio Recommendation 25 Micron min

    Cooling Capacity 4kW

    Hydraulic Connections

    Pressure Supply Line 8 Jic

    Return Line 8 Jic

    Pilot Line 4 Jic

    Hydraulic Feature

    Built in relief valve