Valve Manipulation Tools

Torque Verification System-Class 1 to 4 (5,6&7)

  • Product Number: ITE-0007-DR-0060
  • The torque verification unit is a hand-held stalling device used to determine/set the output static torque of suitable hydraulic torque tools during pre-dive checks.


    torque tool calibration

    • Torque displayed on a free-standing electronic display console in or Nm
    • Unit comprises of steel reaction housing
    • ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 Rotary torque receptacle, or compatible tool interface
    • Interchangeable shafts bolted to an annular strain gauge connected to portable display
    • Steel components coated for corrosion protection
    • Electrical cables and connections splash proof for offshore use
    • Power for unit via an internal rechargeable battery pack

    Product Number



    Carbon steel, coated

    Display unit housed in weatherproof case

    Electrical Supply

    240v/110v A.C. (for battery charging)

    Torque Tool Interface Options

    Class 1 to 4: 2710 Nm (2,000

    Class 5: 6779 Nm (5,000

    Class 6: 13558 Nm (10,000

    Class 7: 33895 Nm (25,000

    Weight In Air

    Class 1 to 4: 16.8 kg (37.26 lbs) approx.

    Class 5: 41 kg (90.39 lbs) approx.

    Class 6/7: 60 kg (132 lbs) approx

    Weight In Seawater



    ISO 13628-8 (API 17D) Rotary Docking class 1 to 4 interfaces available. Class 5, 6 and 7 available on request.


    Hand held stalling device connected to electronic display.