Valve Manipulation Tools

Rotary Docking High Torque Tool

  • Product Number: ITE-0007-D-0500-00
  • The high torque tool develops up to 2000 Nm (1,475 ft.lbs) torque for actuation of valves, lockdown and clamps throughout a subsea production system.

    The tool consists of a hydraulic motor, close coupled to a gear unit that is in turn connected to a profiled 35mm AF square socket


    Subsea Valve Manipulations

    1. 150 Nm (110 to 2000 Nm (1,475 torque output with continuous torque feedback
    2. Output speed of upto 4 rpm @ 15 L/min (3.3 gpm)
    3. ISO 13628-8 Fig 14 compatible interface
    4. Aluminium casing for corrosion & environmental protection
    5. Hydraulic control through ROV intervention system, a hydraulics manifold or a seperate panel
    6. Conical nose option eases deployment by ROV manipulator
    7. Depth rating limited by ROV compensation system
    8. Deployed by Tool Deployment Unit or manipulator

    Product Number



    Housing - aluminium alloy

    Socket - super duplex stainless steel

    Hydraulic Supply

    100 bar (1,450 psi) continuous operation

    140 bar (2,030 psi) intermittent operation

    Flow: 30 L/min (6.6 gpm) Max

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral oil

    Torque Output

    150 to 2000 Nm (110 to 1,475

    Output Speed

    Up to 4 rpm @ 15 L/min (3.3 gpm)

    Turns Counter

    Accurate to ±0.25 turns

    Hydraulic Connections

    Pressure and Return 3/8"

    1/4" Case Drain

    Torque Feedback


    Depth Rating

    Oil filled tool housing compensated from host ROV giving unlimited depth rating

    Weight In Air

    25 kg (55 lbs)

    Weight In Seawater

    18 kg (40 lbs)


    ISO 13628-8 fig 14


    i-Tech's Tool Deployment Unit (TDU) or by manipulator