Valve Manipulation Tools

17D Class 6/7 Torque tool

  • Product Number: A019-962-206
  • The Class 6/7 Torque Tool provides a means of developing torque for actuation of valves and lockdown clamps, throughout a subsea production system up to a torque of 17,000Nm (12,538

    The torque reaction lugs on each side of the tool interface with an ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 interface.


    Subsea Valve Manipulations, HFLSFL Operations


    17,000Nm (12,538 output

    To suit Class 6 (2.625") or Class 7 (3.5") square stem

    Integrated turns count subsea readout in conjunction with signal from turns counter relayed back to continuous surface readout via ROV umbilical

    Torque Output

    3,000 to 17,000Nm (2,212 to 12,538

    Hydraulic Pressure Requirements

    140bar (max)

    Hydraulic Flow Requirements

    4 to 8lpm

    Supply Fluid

    Hydraulic Oil, e.g. Tellus 22 or 32

    Turns Counter

    Visual subsea readout

    8 pin Burton interface to control system / ROV

    Depth Rating

    3,000msw (9,842 ft)

    Weight in Air

    74kg (163 lbs)

    Weight in Water

    55.5 kg (122 lbs)


    ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 Rotary Docking Class 6 compatible

    ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 Rotary Docking Class 7 compatible

    API 17H Rev 2