Valve Manipulation Tools

17D Class 5 Torque Tool

  • Product Number: 023-36-35-015
  • The Class 5 Torque Tool provides a means of developing torque for actuation of valves and lockdown clamps, throughout a subsea production system up to a torque of 6,780Nm (5,000

    The torque reaction lugs on each side of the tool include an integral latching mechanism that anchors the tool into the ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 interface. This provides a means of locking the tool in position during valve operations and allows for secure handling of fly-to-place electro-hydraulic flying leads


    Subsea Valve Manipulations, HFLSFL Operations

    • 6,780Nm (5,000 output
    • To suit 50.8mm (2") square stem
    • Signals from torque transducer and turns counter relayed back to continuous surface readout via ROV umbilical
    • Torque control achieved through closed loop proportional control system or can be manually pre-set at surface and selected from topside control console
    • Stainless steel construction for corrosion and environmental protection

    Torque Output

    Up to 6,780Nm (5,000

    Output Speed

    Variable up to 5 rpm

    Hydraulic Pressures

    Motor - 160bar (max)

    Latches - 150bar (min), 210bar (max)

    Motor case - 2bar (max - provided by 3.5L compensator)

    Hydraulic Flow

    Motor - 5lpm (max)

    Latches - 10lpm (max)

    Supply Fluid

    Hydraulic Oil, e.g. Tellus 22 or 32

    Turns Counter

    20 pulses / rev of output socket (upgradable to 80 pulses / rev)

    Ratio of visual motor turns indicator to output socket turns = 7.5:1

    Burton 55 Series 1508 connector for topside readout

    Hydraulic Connections

    Motor Pressure/Return - 1/2" BSPP

    Motor Drain - 3/8" BSPP

    Latches - 1/8" BSPP

    Compensator - 1/4" BSPP

    Depth Rating

    3,000msw (9,842 ft)

    Weight in Air

    81.7kg (180 lbs)

    Weight in Water

    68.4 kg (151 lbs)


    ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 Rotary Docking Class 5 compatible

    API 17H Rev 2