Valve Manipulation Tools

17D Class 1 to 4 ETorque Tool

  • Product Number: BB0062
  • The Blue Logic Class 1-4 Electrical Torque Tool (ELTT) is a module designed Torque Tool (TT). The ELTT is a compact, flexible, and robust precision tool for subsea and ROV operations.

    The Blue Logic ELTT System combines all known advantages from a hydraulic torque tool system with the technology and advantages from a modern servo based electrical controlled drive system. Also included is an auto detect system which detects what type of mechanical interface class 1-4 socket has been installed, and automatically switches between Low Torque (LT) mode and High Torque (HT) mode accordingly.

    ELTT has mechanical interface class 1-4 socket designed according to ISO 13628-8 valves class 1-4. Mechanical socket is easily changed topside by removing the POM Nose. ELTT will automatically switch between High Torque (HT) and Low Torque (LT) mode. Class 1 and 2 valves are operated in Low Torque mode, whereas Class 3 and 4 are operated in High Torque mode. It is not necessary to change the ELTT motor between HT and LT mode.

    HIGH VOLTAGE: The Torque Tool operates on high voltage and has the potential to result in death or severe injury if handled incorrect. The equipment should only be used by qualified personnel. The equipment contains no serviceable parts inside.

    WARNING: Rotating parts can be hazardous. Keep hands and body out of the operating area. Failure to follow these warnings could result in death or severe personal injury.


    Subsea Valve manipulation, HFLSFL Operations

    • 3000M Depth rating.
    • Power 2kW
    • To achieve 2700 Nm @ 6 rpm 2kW is required
    • Smaller power supply can be used with reduced maximum speed can be adjusted in Setup.
    • Formula:
    • Power = Output-Torque(Nm) * ((speed(rpm)/60)*6,28)
    • Power  5A 230/115 VAC
    • Current Consumption 20A
    • Communication Protocol is RS232.