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Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) HD

  • Product Number: ITE-0007-DR-0600-00
  • This ROV mounted Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) is designed for flying lead manipulation with the use of a class 4 torque tool. The pitch and roll that this tool offers exceeds those of the majority of other tools in its class. The distance between the torque tool and bottom of the interface plate was kept to a minimum to fit heavily braced and populated flying leads. These attributes combined with the tool’s high load capacity, universal mounting, and ability to accept several popular torque tools in the industry, makes it incredibly versatile.

    The tool comes with case, hoses and manual. It comes standard with an adapter for an i-Tech torque tool. Adapters for other torque tools are optional.


    Subsea Valve Manipulations, HFLSFL Operations

    • Designed for i-Tech7 Class 1 to 4 Torque Tool but can be adapted for other Class 1 to 4 Torque Tools
    • Can be adapted to mount Class 6 Torque Tool
    • Can be adapted for RCV75 and RCV115 cutter
    • Can be adapted for LAOT

    Product Number



    Anodized AL 6061-T6 or AL 6082-T6, SS 17-4 PH

    Weight in Air

    154 lbs (70 kg)

    Weight in Seawater

    122 lbs (55 kg)

    Pitch Angle


    Roll Angle


    Max Loading

    1,000 lbs (450 kg)

    Max Pitch Torque

    2,645 Nm (1,951

    Operation Pressure

    207 bar (3,000 psi)

    Operating Fluid

    Hydraulic oil

    Pitch Actuator

    SS shaft and coated carbon steel body

    Hydraulic Motor

    Coated Carbon Steel Body

    Max output torque (cont.): 240 Nm (177

    Roll Torque

    1,817 Nm (1,340 (cont.)

    Hydraulic Connections

    1/4" x 4

    Notes and Disclaimers: Weight in air is weighted real value. Weight of sea water is calculated with an estimate of 64.1 lbs/ft3 (1,027 kg/m3)