Valve Manipulation Tools

17D Class 1 to 4 Torque Tool

  • Product Number: 0371-0205
  • The Class 1 to 4 Torque Tool provides a means of developing torque for actuation of valves, lockdown clamps and other ancillary equipment installed as part of  subsea production systems that requires actuating torques within the range of 27Nm to 2710Nm (20 to 2000

    The torque reaction lugs on each side of the tool include an integral latching mechanism that anchors the tool into the ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 - Rotary torque receptacle. This provides a means of locking the tool into the receptacle during valve operations and also allows for secure handling of fly-to-place electro-hydraulic flying leads.


    Subsea Valve manipulation, HFLSFL Operations

    • Combines functions of class 1-4 torque tools in a single unit
    • Single 5:1 torque multiplier
    • Signals from torque transducer and turns counter relayed back to continuous surface readout via ROV umbilical
    • Hydraulic control achieved from ROV through hydraulics manifold or separate Hydraulic Control Panel
    • Torque control achieved through closed loop proportional control system or can be manually pre-set at surface and selected from topside control console
    • Multi class end effector available
    • Tool assembly contained in aluminium housing for corrosion and environmental protection

    Product Number



    Housing - aluminium alloy

    Spring loaded sockets - stainless steel

    Hydraulic Supply


    Max 207 bar (3,002 psi) & 80 bar (1,160 psi) for gear selector


    Max 20 L/min (5.3 gpm)

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil

    Torque Output

    27 Nm to 2710 Nm (20 to 2,000

    Output Speed

    Variable up to 8 rpm @ 24 L/min (6.3 gpm)

    Turns Counter

    Accurate to ± 0.125 turns

    Hydraulic Connections

    Pressure + Return 3/8"

    Pilot Lines 1/4"

    Depth Rating

    3,000msw (9,842 ft)

    Weight in Air

    52 kg (115 lbs)

    Weight in Water

    40.1 kg (88.4 lbs)


    ISO 13628-8 Figure 18 Rotary Docking Class 1-4 compatible

    API 17H Rev 2


    i-Tech7's FLOT or by manipulator