Tool Deployment Units

Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)

  • Product Number: 0686-9800
  • The FLOT provides a robust platform to support ROV “fly-to-place” stab-plate installations and valve override operations. The FLOT frame is combined with a Fugro-impROV Class 1-4 Torque Tool and is controlled by hydraulic supply from the TTCS. 

    The FLOT provides a means of securely mounting the TT to the ROV and gives the operator the ability to orientate the TT and payload with respect to the ROV. It consists of an anodized Aluminium base frame, a rotary actuator which provides 90° tilt up and down and a cylinder which provides 15° roll CW and CCW. The FLOT is capable of carrying an additional payload of 250 kg on top of the weight of the TT. The FLOT’s movements are hydraulically locked in position unless a command to move them is issued.


    Subsea Valve Manipulations, HFLSFL Operations

    • Designed for ImpROVisor Class 1 to 4 Torque Tool but can be adapted for other Class 1 to 4 Torque Tools

    Product Number



    Anodized AL 6061-T6 or AL 6082-T6, SS 17-4 PH

    Weight in Air

    139 lbs (63 kg)

    Weight in Seawater

    110 lbs (50 kg)

    Pitch Angle


    Roll Angle


    Max Loading

    551 lbs (250 kg) above the Weight of the TT.

    Max Pitch Torque

    2,300 Nm (1,700

    Operation Pressure

    207 bar (3,000 psi)

    Operating Fluid

    Hydraulic oil

    Hydraulic Motor

    Coated Carbon Steel Body

    Max output torque (cont.): 240 Nm (177

    Roll Torque

    1,350 Nm (1,340 (cont.)

    Hydraulic Connections

    1/4" x 4 Swagelok