Simulated and Site Integration Testing


  • Product Number: QXP05
  • The Mock Up ROV is used for onshore integration trials to ensure all ROV serviceable areas of a subsea structure are accessible by the system.

    The mock Up ROV can perform Manipulator , single point TDU and skid based tooling work.

    Standard and job specific tooling can also be utilised

    Full size Mock Up ROV system

    Hydrulic supply and control system with 11 function valve pack

    Camera power and control van

    5 function and 7 function working manipulators on request.




    QXP05 Pioneer Work class ROV  

    Hydraulic cooling fan Ser T55-42 Power 400Vac 50/60Hz

    Electrical supply requirements 440 Volt 32 Amp Three phase and earth 240 Volt 25 amp Single phase

    ROV height 2.7 Meter x width 1.9 Meters x length 2.7 Meters

    Control Van height 1.9 Meters x width 1.7 Meters x Length 2 Meters

    Weight of ROV 2,200Kgs 

    Control Van/ workshop container  8,500Kgs