Simulated and Site Integration Testing

Mock-Up ROV

  • Product Number: ITE-0046-DR-0001-00
  • The Mock Up ROV system is used for onshore integration trials to ensure all ROV serviceable areas of a subsea structure are accessible by the system.

    The Mock Up ROV can perform manipulator, single point TDU and skid based tooling work.

    Standard and job specific tooling can also be utilised


    Access Checks, Availability Checks

    • Full sized Mock Up ROV system, various sizes of workclass ROVs available.
    • Hydraulic supply and control system with 11 function valve pack.
    • Camera power and control system.
    • 5 function and 7 function working manipulators.
    • Remote control console.
    • Jupiter controlled option.
    • Max Payload:- 250Kg.

    Product Number


    *Below specification is for Centurion Mock Up ROV.

    Hydraulic Features

    Air cooled onboard HPU, 140 bar (2,030 psi), 20 L/min (5.3 gpm).

    Onboard valve chest, 11 bi-directional outputs.

    Tool control panel for ISO 13628-8 torque tools.

    Electrical Features

    Onboard control multiplexer pod for all skid functions.

    Remote control console.

    Supply for three remote tooling video cameras.

    Torque and turns feedback systems for typical ROV tooling.

    Jupiter control option.

    Supply Requirements

    440 volt 16 amp three phase and earth.

    240 volt 25 amp single phase.


    1,300 kg (2,870 lbs) without tools / skids.

    Payload 250Kg.

    Ancillary Equipment

    Combined storage / workshop container.

    Dedicated spares package.