Gasket Tools

Gasket Tool Kit, 13-5/8" to 18-3/4"

  • Product Number: ITH-0016-DR-0000-00
  • This (internal grip) Gasket Tool was designed to remove and install AX/VX gaskets (seal rings) without metal-to- metal contact between tool and sealing faces of both gasket and wellhead.

     With over 200 pounds of mechanical force, the Gasket Tool maintains a firm grip on the internal face of the gasket in the event of hydraulic failure. An adapter shoe system allows the tool to be configured for 13-5/8", 16-3/4" or 18-3/4" gaskets.

    The Gasket Tool includes the 13-5/8" Gasket Tool, a set of adapter shoes for the 16-3/4" configuration, a set of adapter shoes for the 18-3/4" configuration, a Pressure Reducing/Relieving Valve, hoses, case, and manual. Optional handle types may also be provided.

    • Lightweight design.
    • Adjusts to interface with 13-5/8”, 16-3/4” or 18-3/4” AX or VX gaskets.
    • Strong holding force to retain a positive grip of the gasket.
    • Plastic and rubber shoe material to remove any risk of damage to the gasket.

    Product Number



    Anodized AL 6061-T6 or AL 6082-T6, coated stainless springs, marine cylinder, Buna-N, Acetal

    Weight in Air

    13.4 to 19.25 kg (29.5 to 42.4 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    9 to 12.2 kg (19.8 to 26.9 lbs)

    Working Pressure

    48-55 bar (700-800 psi)

    13-5/8" Config Extended Dimensions

    16.7 x 14.5 x 13.8" (423 x 368 x 350mm)

    16-3/4" Config Extended Dimensions

    19.8 x 17.0 x 14.3" (503 x 432 x 363mm)

    18-3/4" Config Extended Dimensions

    21.8 x 18.6 x 14.3" (553 x 473 x 363mm)

    Hydraulic Connections

    1/4" Swage x 2

    Notes and Disclaimers: Weight in air is calculated from computer models. Weight of water is calculated with conservative estimate of 61 lbs/ft3. Exact material specs may be withheld. All welding is performed as per AWS 1.6.