Cleaning Tools

Wellhead Cleaning Tool (Manual)

  • Product Number: ITE-0038-DR-0008-00 - 18 3/4"
  • 16 3/4": ITE-0038-DR-0005-00
  • 13 5/8": ITE-0038-DR-0011-00
  • These tools were designed to remove soft growth and debris from subsea wellhead seal interfaces prior to installation of the AX/VX gasket. 

    Individual tools are specific to the diameter of the wellhead sealing face profile, therefore tools for 13 5/8", 16-3/4" or 18 3/4" wellheads can be offered.

     The plastic hub prevents damage to the seal interface. Each pad is keyed in place to prevent them from slipping out of position. They are also installed individually, making pad replacement simple to perform. The top plate is ported to prevent pressure differentials while cleaning. The tool comes in a rugged weather-proof case.


    Internal Cleaning Of Wellhead Seal And Face.

    •  Operated by manipulator wrist CW/CCW rotation
    •  Easily Maintained - Field replaceable cleaning (scouring) pads
    • 3. D-Type handle
    • 4. Low cost

    Product Number

    ITE-0038-DR-0008-00 - 18 ¾”

    ITE-0038-DR-0008-00 - 16 ¾”

    ITE-0038-DR-0008-00 - 13 5/8”


    316/316L, 6061-T6, UHMW

    Working Depth

    4,000msw (13,123ft)


    21-1/4" Dia x 16" (540mm x 406mm)

    Weight in Air

    8.75 kg (19.3 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)