Valve Manipulation Tools

Linear Actuator Override Tool (LAOT)

  • Product Number: ITE-0057-DR-0001-00
  • The linear actuator override tool (LAOT) is used to transmit axial force to the stem of hydraulically actuated gate valves. The tool consists of a bayonet or horse shoe profile end effector that locks the tool to the valve interface and reacts the axial override force generated by the tools piston.


    Subsea Valve Manipulations

    1. 742 kN (547,271 ft.lbs) output force with 190mm (7.5") maximum working stroke
    2. Made from titanium alloy and carrier aluminium alloy & plastic
    3. Depth rating limited to ROV compensation system
    4. ISO 13628-8 interface types A & B available; type C available on request
    5. TDU deployable

    Product Numbers

    Manipulator Deployed Option

    Type A: ITE-0057-DR-0001-00

    LAOT Carrier Manipulator


    Diver Deployed LAOT


    Type A: SSA-0134-547-00

    Type B: SSA-0140-013-00

    LAOT Carrier - SSA-0134-546-00

    Hydraulic Supply

    Max 690 bar (10,000 psi)

    Flow 1.5 L/min (0.3 gpm)

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil


    Tool - titanium alloy

    Carrier - aluminium alloy and plastic

    Max Output Force

    742 kN (547,271 ft.lbs)

    Working Stroke

    190mm (7.5") approx.

    Depth rating

    Limited to ROV compensation system

    Weight In Air

    37 kg (82 lbs)

    Weight In Seawater

    25 kg (55 lbs)


    ISO 13628-8 (figures 14, 15 & 16) types A, B & C compatible available


    Using i-Tech's proprietary Tool Deployment Unit (TDU) or i-Tech7 FLOT and 7 Function Manipulator