Cleaning Tools

Wellhead Cleaning Tool (Hydraulic)

  • Product Number: AUS-11086-0001
  • The Wellhead Cleaning Tool has been designed to remove any residual debris or oxidised scale from the profiled AX/VX sealing face of an 18 3/4" wellhead prior to placement/installation of the AX/VX gasket.

    It can also be utilised where the wellhead has a slightly proud internal tubing hanger that precludes normal access to the sealing face of the 18 3/4" wellhead.


    Wellhead Cleaning

    • Deployed by  ROV manipulator
    • Options of either direct or hot stab hydraulic interface to host ROV
    • Operating depth 3,000msw (9,842ft)
    • Aluminum frame, Acetal/nylon brush cleaning head - ensuring no metal to metal contact on sealing face.
    • Field replaceable cleaning (scouring) pads

    Product Number


    Primary Materials

    Stainless Steel and Acetal

    Depth Rating

    3,000msw (9,842ft)

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral or Environmentally Friendly Fluids


    688mm Dia. x 620mm (27” Dia. x 24.4”)

    Hydraulic Power Requirements

    14 L/min @ 70 bar (4 gpm @ 1,015 psi)

    Weight in Air

    44.9 kg (99 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    26.4 kg (58 lbs)