Valve Manipulation Tools

  • Product Number: ITH-02-0001-DWG-100,200,300
  • The Screw Type Lock Out Tools is designed to mechanically override and lockout linear actuator operated valves that have lost primary hydraulic control functions. The tool integrates with an ROV operated class 4 torque tool, in order to rotate the drive screw. In turn, the drive screw extends the lock out piston, allowing the tool to actuate the gate valve stem on subsea manifold or X-mas tress. The tool can be configured to interface with ISO 13628-8/API 17H Type A, B, and C linear push interfaces.

    • Mechanical design allows for “lock and leave” operations
    • 68,000 lbs (302kN) override force, 130,270 lbs (579kN) holding force
    • 6.9” (175mm) stroke
    • Swappable interface heads suitable for ISO 13628-8 Type A, B and C


    Stainless Steel

    Aluminium Bronze

    Aluminium Anodes

    Input Torque

    2,000 ft-lbs (2,711Nm)

    Damage Torque

    5,266 ft-lbs (7,140Nm)

    Output Load (Override Force)

    68,000 lbs (302kN)

    Maximum Holding Load

    130,270 lbs (579kN)

    Working Stroke

    6.9” (175mm)

    Depth Rating

    Not Restricted – Purely mechanical unit

    Dimensions (Shipping)

    31” x 24” x 17.5”

    (787mm x 609mm x x444mm)

    Dimensions (Tool)

    21.9” x 19.3” x 20.1”

    (556mm x 490mm x 510mm)

    Weight in Air

    141 lbs (64kg)

    Weight in Seawater

    122 lbs (55kg)


    Input: Rotary Torque Receptacle (ISO 13628, Figure 18)

    Output: Linear Push Interfaces (ISO 13628-8, Figures 14, 15 & 16 - swappable Type A, B and C heads)


    With or without associated torque tool. Assorted manipulator friendly handles