Valve Manipulation Tools

Multi Torque Tool

  • Product Number: ITE-0007-DR-0901-00
  • The Multi-Torque Tool provides a means of developing torque for actuation of valves and lockdown clamps, throughout a subsea production system over a torque range of 27Nm to 2710Nm (20 to 2000

    The torque reaction lugs on each side of the tool interface into the ISO 13628-8 Figure 14 interface. This provides a means of stabilising the ROV during valve operations.


    Subsea Valve manipulation

    • Combines functions of torque tools in a single unit
    • Single 5:1 torque multiplier
    • Torque reacted locally within front single spring loaded multi end effectors for 35mm square, 35mm hex and paddle valve stems.
    • Signals from torque transducer and turns counter relayed back to continuous surface readout via ROV umbilical
    • Hydraulic control achieved from ROV through hydraulics manifold or separate Hydraulic Control Panel
    • Torque control achieved through closed loop proportional control system or can be manually pre-set at surface and selected from topside control console
    • Tool assembly contained in aluminium housing for corrosion and environmental protection.
    • Quick release paddle valve socket can easily be removed if not required

    Product Number



    Housing - aluminium alloy

    Spring loaded socket - stainless steel / aluminium bronze

    Hydraulic Supply

    175 bar (2,500 psi) for maximum tool output

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil

    Torque Output

    27Nm to 2710Nm (20 to 2,000ft-lb)

    Output Speed

    8 rpm @ 24 L/min (6.3 g/min)

    Turns Counter

    Accurate to ± 0.125 turns

    Torque Feed-Back


    Depth Rating

    Limited to ROV hydraulic compensation system

    Weight in Air

    52kg (115lbs)

    Weight in Water

    40.1 kg (88.4 lbs)


    ISO 13628-8 Figure 14 35mm square

    35mm Hex and Paddle Valve compatible


    i-Tech 7's FLOT, Tool Deployment Unit (TDU) or by manipulator