Valve Manipulation Tools

Deepstar Divers Torque Tool

  • Product Number: IPE18-020-DR-0001-00
  • The Deepstar API 17H/D Torque Tool is manufactured by Deepstar Subsea Ltd to comply with the Rotary Torque Interfaces as described in Figures 14 & 18 of the ISO 13628-8:2002Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Interfaces on Subsea Production Systems.

    The ISO 13628-8 incorporates the API 17H & 17D standards. The Torque Tool has been fitted with a single torque manifold and a Diver operated directional control valve to give the operator control of Clockwise (CW) and Counter Clockwise (CCW) rotation of the Torque Tool to a maximum torque of 2700Nm.


    Operating Depth 3000msw

    Direction Sensitive Turns Counter 1/10th turn resolution

    High Torque Receptacle (API 17H) 35mm So


    Class 1 & 2 Interface (API 7D) 1 116" Socket

    Class 3 Interface (API 17D) 1 1/8" Socket

    Class 4 Interface ( API 17D) 1 1/2" Socket

    Weight In air 37Kg

    Weight In Water 27.5Kg

    Digital Subsea display System Zetechtics 4 Digit Display

    Danfoss OMR 315 Hydraulic motor

    Maximum Hydraulic Input Pressure 150 Bar (2,175 Psi)

    Hydraulic Flow 20 Lpm

    Complete with 4 Digit Display for Turn Count