Tool Deployment Units

Dual Point Tool Deployment Unit

  • Product Number: ITE-0017-DR-0000-00
  • Standard Duty: RIT-0002-D-0001-00
  • Deployed from a workclass ROV, the tool deployment unit (TDU) ensures a safe and efficient intervention operation. Using two docking probes, rather than attaching with a grabber or suction pad, the system is able to locate and stabilise the ROV in a known position and precisely deploy a dedicated tool via an XYZ mechanism.


    Drill Support, drilling, Field Support, Valve Manipulations, Valve Override

    1. Interfacing with ROV through mounting brackets, two hydraulic lines & one electrical cable
    2. Depth rating of 1,000msw (3,280ft) or optional 3,000msw (9,840ft)
    3. Neutrally buoyant
    4. ISO 13628-8
    5. System adaptable to a range of tools
    6. Intelligent Control System available on request

    Product Numbers

    Standard Duty: RIT-0002-D-0001-00

    Heavy Duty: RTE-0002-D-1100-00


    Frame - aluminium alloy

    Pressure vessels - aluminium alloy

    Buoyancy - syntactic foam

    Hydraulic Supply

    140 bar (2,030 psi) min continuous from ROV

    Flow - 30 L/min (8 gpm) max

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral oil


    The system is readily adaptable to a range of standard and non-standard tools

    Additional Features

    Compliant tool mounts

    Docking probes fitted with failsafe release mechanisms

    Depth Rating

    1,000msw (3,280ft) & 3,000msw (9,840ft) optional

    Hydraulic Connections

    Pressure & Return 1/2"

    Weight in Air

    320 kg (705 lbs) without tools

    Weight in Seawater

    Neutrally buoyant


    ISO 13628-8


    Can be deployed by most work-class ROVs

    Ancillary Equipment

    Topside control console

    Combined storage and workshop container

    Dedicated spares packages

    HPU for testing and onshore trials

    Electrical (Comms) and Power


    Power 110V @ 10 amps