Suction Cans / Pigging and Testing


  • Product Number: SSA-0381-D-1000-00
  • The Suction Pile Installation Tool (SPIT) has been designed to be able to install or remove suction piles. The SPIT is fitted with an AnchorZip 10 pump and allows the pile penetration depth to be monitored using the mounted altimeter. Flow can be reversed in order to “blow out” or remove suction piles.

    A surface console unit and software allows real-time control & monitoring of the SPITs electro-hydraulic and instrumentation systems. The monitoring features provide the operator with real-time information on pile internal pressure with respect to the external hydrostatic pressure and range to sea-bed from SPIT.

    • Capable of removing up to 2000 LPM (120 m3/hr) at 2 bar differential pressure
    • Or 670 LPM (40 m3/hr) at 8 bar differential pressure
    • Change between pump and suck mode without ROV recovery
    • Jupiter Control System providing datalogging capabilities
    • Altimeter provides real-time monitoring of suction pile height


    1396mm x 1250mm x 475mm


    Air: 570kg with out Port and Starboard Buoyancy, 630Kgs with Buoyancy fitted.

    In- Water: 30kg

    Hydraulic Supply

    70lpm @ 210bar

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil

    Electrical Requirements

    115V AC 50/60Hz

    OR 24V Raw DC (12 Pin Burton)

    Output Performance

    2000 LPM (120 m3/hr) at 2 bar differential pressure

    670 LPM (40 m3/hr) at 8 bar differential pressure

    Depth Rating



    Backpack mounted

    Control & Monitoring

    Suction rate accurately controlled through Jupiter supply to motor

    Laptop computer provides data monitoring and logging facility

    Real time monitoring of differential pressure, pump speed and suction anchor height

    System alarms indicates SPIT housekeeping statuses