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Dirty Work Pack

  • Product Number: DR-RSE-022-002
  • The RIPHU Backpack tooling unit is designed to attach to the rear of a Work-class ROV and generates hydraulic power to drive underwater tooling devices.
    The hydraulic power unit (HPU) on the Backpack is powered by the main pump on the host ROV. The host ROV also provides hydraulic pilot signals to control the operation of the Backpack.
    The 2 OR 4 X 16 Litre reservoirs on the Backpack contain oil which is independent of the host ROVs main system. This ensures that any unintentional water contamination or other problem with the Backpack hydraulic system does not affect the propulsion system of the host ROV.


    The RIHPU Backpack tooling unit is a general purpose tooling intervention unit designed to provide the hydraulic power to subsea tooling using oil independent from the ROV hydraulic system. The Backpack incorporates a hydraulic motor and pump assembly to which the motor is driven from the “Clean” ROV hydraulic system.

    The Backpack HPU pump intakes oil from a dedicated compensated reservoir which is independent from the ROV hydraulic system. This ensures that the ROV hydraulic oil does not encounter contamination during tooling operations. The Backpack HPU motor is supplied oil via a motor control manifold.

    The RIPHU uses a Dynaset pump 520 OR 320 pumps and two three way Pilot operated Directional Control Valve (DCV) to provide pressure and flow to the required interface.

    Product Number



    Aluminium frame fitted with 3000 Meter Rated Buoyancy

    Depth Rating

    3000msw (9,842ft)

    Hydraulic Performance Data

    HPU Output Pressure 207 Bar

    Flow from 520 /30-85 Dynaset is 30-85 LPM, Flow from 420 / 30-40 Dynaset is 30 -40 LPM

    Weight in Air

    426 kg (939 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    50 kg (110 lbs)


    0.60 m


    1,50 m


    1,85 m