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  • Product Number: ITE-0027-DR-0001-00
  • Hydrates are a solid structure (similar to water-ice) that is formed when natural gas interacts with water at high ambient pressures and cold environments. i-Tech 7 utilizes hydrate remediation techniques based on a combination of pressure reduction and chemical injection technology to disassociate blockages in subsea production facilities. i-Tech 7 Hydrate Remediation Skid is designed to interface with work class and heavy work class ROVs operating on multi-service vessels or drilling rigs.


    Typical hydrate formation locations

    • Pressure caps
    • Control lines / Control modules
    • Production path 
    • Barrier valves
    • Isolation valves
    • Chemical injection lines
    • Control fluid lines

    Hydrates are dislocated by

    • Reducing pressure to less that 10 BAR
    • Applying chemicals such as methanol or glycol
    • Increasing temperature


    • Enhanced Automated Controls
    • Electrically Actuated Process Valving
    • High Precision Instrumentation
    • System Flexibility
    • Topside Control Software

    Product Number


    Primary Materials

    Lightweight aluminum (frame)

    PVC Coated Polyester (fluid bladders)

    Reservoir Capacity

    Standard capacity

    Hydraulic Power Requirements

    2,750 PSI (190 BAR) 38 LPM (10 GAL/MIN)

    Positive Pressure Capability

    5,000 PSI (345 BAR) above hydrostatic pressure

    Pressure Reduction Capability

    5,000 PSI (345 BAR) in atmospheres with over 3,000 PSI hydrostatic pressure

    15 to 30 PSI (1 to 2 BAR) absolute pressure at depth

    Flow Rate Performance

    Flow - 7.5 LPM / 2 GPM

    Electrical Connections

    110 VAC @ 2Amps

    RS 232 & Ethernet

    Weight in Air

    726 kg (1,600 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    0 kg (0 lbs)

    Depth Rating

    13,000 Feet / 4000 Meters