Specialist Tools

Intervention Control Skid

  • Product Number: SSA-0460-DR-0101-00
  • The Intervention Control Skid is an extremely versatile product designed to carry out a variety of control and test functions. The unit has an on-board control system capable of operating a torque tool and Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) when fitted, in addition to an auxiliary fluid pump which serves three A&B control line outputs and a 10,000 psi (690bar) intensifier test outlet. The auxiliary fluid system is fed by a self-contained reservoir system with the skid, which can be filled with most types of water based or oil based control fluids. When not being used with the FLOT Tool, the skid has an integral Tool Tray which can be deployed and retracted using a spare valve function from the host ROV. The bespoke control system graphics allow for monitoring and recording of pressure and flow readings of the control and test outputs.


    Drill Support, pressure testing, Valve Manipulations

    • Designed for installation, functioning and testing of subsea infrastructure
    • Dedicated on board control system
    • Various camera and sensor inputs
    • Flexible design offers multi function capability
    • Simple plug and play operation

    Product Number



    Lightweight Aluminium Frame

    PVC Coated Polyester Fluid Bladders

    Depth Rating

    2,000msw (6,600ft approx.) - can be altered to suit requirements

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil AWS 22 – 32


    2400mm x 1700mm x 430mm (8ft x 5.5ft x 1.5ft approx.)

    Reservoir Capacity

    2 x 30 litres (8 US gal)

    Fluid Outputs

    3 x A + B Control Lines @ 200 bar (2,900 psi)

    1 x Test line @ 690 bar (10,000 psi)

    Hydraulic Power Requirements

    Operating Pressure

    207 bar (3,000 psi)

    Flow - 30 L/min (8 gpm)

    Weight in Air

    706 kg approx. (1,560 lbs approx.)

    Weight in Seawater

    19 kg (42 lbs approx.)