Pumping, Dredging and Jetting Systems

Hydraulic Power Unit & Reservoir

  • Product Number: SSA-0231-120-00
  • The ROV mounted hydraulic power unit is a low speed high torque motor driven by the ROV hydraulic supply close coupled to a fixed displacement piston type pump.

    The system is suitable for injecting mineral oil, corrosion inhibitors, methanol and water glycol control fluid


    pressue testing, hydraulic power supply

    • Three selectable pressure settings
    • 140 bar (2,030 psi) minimum & 210 (3,050 psi) maximum hydraulic supply
    • Depth rating ROV dependent
    • Reservoir options of 24 litres (5.3 US gal) or multiples thereof

    Product Number



    Various components

    Hydraulic Supply

    140 bar (2,030 psi) min

    210 bar (3,050 psi) max


    55 L/min (14.5 gpm) max

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral oil

    Reservoir Options

    24 litres (8 US gal) or multiples thereof

    Bespoke units on demand

    Fluid Options

    Mineral oil, HW540 control fluid, methanol, corrosion inhibitor

    Depth Rating

    Same depth rating as host ROV

    Weight in Air

    105.5 kg (230 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    48.5 kg (110 lbs)

    Ancillary Equipment

    ISO 13628-8 (API 17H) or i-Tech proprietary single, dual or triple port hotstabs for fluid delivery