Lifting & Recovery

10 Ton Grapple

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  • I-Tech 7 Orange Peel 10 Ton Grapple is a versatile tool that can be used for decommissioning projects and survey/debris clearance operations. Commonly used for lifting and moving various materials and equipment found subsea such as Boulders, Pipelines, Umbilical's, Grout bags, Mattresses and general debris. The grapple can be powered form topside control with a downline umbilical or powered from ROV using hotstab connection.

    • Vertical and Horizontal grab handles for ROV / Divers
    • Topside or ROV control options available
    • Single point lift rigging
    • Safety load valves to prevent uncontrolled release of materials
    • 5 Fingers with a capacity of 0.55m³



    Weight in Air


    Dimensions fingers open

    2300mm x 1480mm

    Dimensions fingers closed

    1500mm x 1740mm

    Hydraulic requirements

    40 l/min @ 260 bar