Intelligent Control Systems

  • Product Number: 101754-PRJ-OPR-001
  • The RCU consists of two main parts, The surface unit and the Subsea unit. The surface unit consists of a laptop PC with a RS232-485 convertor providing communication interface to the subsea unit. The PC comes pre-installed software for controlling the Subsea unit. The Subsea valve module is capable of setting two different pressures, This allows separate pressure to the latch cylinders verses the torque motor on the API 17D Class 1-4 Torque Tool.


    PC based surface controller>

    Manufacturer Type:- Lap Top Pentium® Min256MB, Memory Min:- 258mb 

    Communications:- RS232 or RS484, RS485 through  convertor unit on the RS232 port Baud Rate:- 38400 Baud

    Subsea Unit

    Size 412x229x284mm (ex Fittings)

    Weight in Air Weight:- 30Kg, in Water:- 17Kg

    Depth Rating:- 3000M

    Hydraulic Working Pressure:- 250Bar, Hydraulic Flow:- 95LPm, Return Pressure:- 17Bar (max)

    Manufacturer:- Oceaneering

    Subsea Control Card

    Type:- OAS Controller Board 

    Power Consumption:- 1WAat24VDC

    Communications:- RS-485/ RS232

    Temperature Range:- 0oC to 60°C

    Power System

    Type:-OAS Power Board 

    Input power:- 90-132 Or 180-264 VAC 

    Frequency:-  47-63Hz

    Max power consumption RCU:- (110VAC) 1,8 Ampere./ (230VAC) 1,1 Ampere

    Output:- 24VDC

    Max power:- 150w

    Temperature Range:- 0·C to 60°C

    High flow Control/Pressure  Reducing Valve (2 way)

    Type:-  4/3-Way Symmetrical Proportional Flow and Pressure Control

    Flow range HF1:- 0-50Lpm

    Flow range HF4:- 0-95 Lpm, 0-95 Lpm Pressure 10-250 bar

    Temperature:- 0·C-60·C

    Flow Control Valve (2 off) Type

    Flow range:- LF2 (Closed centre) 0-5 1pm>

    Flow range:- LF3 (Open centre) 0- 5 lpm

    Pressure range:- 0-250 bar

    Temperature range:- 0·C-60·C

    Transducer for regulated pressure

    Type:- MSP-300-250-B-5-N-1

    Pressure Range:- 0-250 bar

    Temperature Range:-  0·C-60·C

    Accuracy:- >1% FS

    Manufacturer:- MSI

    Transducer for return pressure

    Type:- MSP-300-35-B-4-N

    Pressure Range:- 0-35 bar>

    Temperature Range:-0·C-60·C

     Accuracy:- >1% FS

    Manufacturer:-  MSI

    RS232 - RS485 converter

    Type:- LD485

    Manufacturer:- LD485 Blackbox