Cutting and Grinding

HCV270 Cutter & Frame

  • Product Number: ITE-1023-DR-0001-00
  • The HCV 270 cutter is suitable for the cutting of riser, flowlines, hoses and umbilical.

    The cutter frame has been designed to allow handling and operation of the HCV 270 Cutter, the frame allows deployment in three possible orientations, vertical, horizontal and at 45°, using dedicated rigging and the vessel/installation crane.

    Corrosion resistant and durable coated steel and stainless construction.


    Cutting cables, Hydraulic Lines, Riser And Umbilicals


    1. Built in intensifier to 690 bar (10,000 psi)
    2. Quad port hotstab for operation(Blue Logic Hot stabs)
    3. Lift/deployment frame supplied
    4. Spares included

    Product Number:



    Stainless Steel

    Depth Rating

    Limited by ROV

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil AWS 22-32


    1310 mm x 970 mm x 390 mm (52" x 38" x 151/2")

    Hydraulic Power Requirements

    Supply Pressure

    190 bar (2,755 psi)

    Max Flow

    14 L/min (3.7 gpm)

    Weight in Air

    Approx. 436 kg (961 lbs) incl. lift/deployment frame. Tool only - 375 kg.

    Weight in Seawater

    Approx. 420 kg (925 lbs.) incl. lift/deployment frame Tool only - 324 kg.