Cutting and Grinding

Pile Drill

  • Product Number: TBC
  • The Pile Drill tool is a docking probe drill that interfaces with our ROV or diver installable clamp system that allows for the tool to be installed on a range of sizes of piles. The tool can drill holes up to 110mm in diameter. Once the hole is drilled the tool is removed and a pin of 100mm outer diameter is inserted in the pile.

    1. ROV or Diver installed
    2. 110 mm Core drill
    3. 400mm stroke Auto-Feed
    4. 180 RPM

    Max Core Drill Size

    110 mm

    Drill Stroke

    400 mm Auto-Feed

    Maximum RPM

    180 RPM

    Weight in Air

    160 kg

    Hydraulic Requirements

    180 bar / 60 l/min


    110mm TCT Annular Hole Cutter /w 1.1/4” Weldon Shank


    1300mm x 500mm x 760mm