Cutting and Grinding

Diamond Wire Saw

  • Product Number: TBC
  • The i-Tech 48" Diamond Wire Saw is a versatile cutting tool that can be operated via ROV and divers using hot-stabs for wet connection or downlines for topside control. The diamond-impregnated wires are used for cutting various subsea structures and pipelines between the ranges of 16”-48”. The tool is capable of cutting through a range of materials, including concrete reinforced coatings and various grades of steel. In standard configuration, the Diamond Wire Saw will provide a straight cut, however additional spacers are available to perform angled cuts if required. The 48i ROV has a pressure-controlled auto feed system that provides consistent cut times and prolongs the life of the diamond wires. Various types of diamond wires are available dependent on cutting requirements  


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    • Wide range cutting capability - 16" to 48" Outer Diameter

    • Pressure controlled Auto-Feed system

    • Cuts a variety of materials

    • ROV or Diver deployment

    • Various wire types available to suit individual requirements

    Cutting Range

    16" to 48" Outside Diameter (400mm to 1200mm)

    Hydraulic Connections

    High Flow Hot-Stab option using Blue Logic stabs

    Hydraulic Requirements

    Drive Motor - 57 lt/min at 2,000 psi

    Cutting Feed - 7.5 lt/min at 800 psi

    Clamping Jaws - 7.5 litres/min at 1,700 psi


    In water - 23 KG

    In air - 1450 KG