Cutting and Grinding

WCOS38D 38mm Cutter

  • Product Number: ITE-1018-DR-0320-00
  • The heavy duty wire rope cutter designed for use in severe working conditions. It Suitable for cutting wire rope, cables and umbilicals. The open sided design allows for easy positioning of the cutter on the cable. It is a corrosion resistant stainless steel construction and has Long blade life ensures that tool maintenance is kept to a minimum. It is ideal for operation in confined spaces. The high pressure cylinder allows it to be used in junction with an intensifier panel and can be used at any water depth.

    • Up to 38mm (1.5") Dia Wire Rope of 1770 N/mm²
    • 700 bar (10,152 psi) max working pressure
    • Manipulator deployable
    • Spares included

    Product Number:



    Stainless Steel

    Depth Rating

    Limited by ROV

    Supply Fluid

    Mineral Oil AWS 22-32


    308 mm x 150 mm x 251 mm (12" x 6" x 10") (incl. Handle)

    Hydraulic Power Requirements

    Supply Pressure

    700 bar (3,190 psi)


    20 L/min (5 gpm)

    Weight in Air

    Approx. 23 kg (51 lbs)

    Weight in Seawater

    Approx. 19 kg (42 lbs)